Blowing our own trumpet since 1931

The orchestra rehearses once a week on a Thursday night from 7.15pm to 9:30pm in St John's Primary School in Knaresborough.

If you want to join the orchestra you should contact Bryan Western, the Musical Director. Alternatively, just come along and see us on a Thursday night.

Please don’t forget to contact your section leader if you can’t attend a rehearsal

How to find us

St John Primary School is on Stockwell Road at the junction with Stockwell Lane. The entrance is on Stockwell Road, close to the zebra crossing. If using your sat nav, use postcode HG5 0JN. You can park in the playground to the left of the building and you can use the local streets as an overflow. Please be considerate of local residents, other players coming to park, and school staff who sometimes stay late.

Rehearsal Schedule

Date First half Second half
Thu 27 Apr 17 String sectionsl Strings all together
Thu 04 May 17 Full session
Thu 11 May 17 *** Entr Carmen, La Fleur, Lenski, Che Gelida Recondita, E Lucevan, Donne e mob
Thu 18 May 17 18/5 Will Tell, Vesti, Lenski Interm, Cav Rust, Torna, La Danza 18/5 Will Tell, Vesti, Lenski Interm, Cav Rust, Torna, La Danza
Thu 25 May 17 Recondita, La Danza, Mattinata, Granada, Funi Funi, E lucevan, Torna
Thu 01 Jun 17 Nessun, Mattinata, Recondita Che Gelida, Lenski, Donne e mob,
Thu 08 Jun 17 Orchestral items **** 8/6**** Orchestral items La Fleur + anything we feel needs a tweak
Fri 16 Jun 17 Whatever vocals
Sat 17 Jun 17 Rehearsals at 2.00 til 4.30pm Concert at 7.30pm

** William Tell, Intermezzo from Manon, Carmen overt, Granada, Funi Funi, Be my love, Judex, La Danza, Mattinata, Torna a S, O sole mio, Nessun

*** no trumpets

**** I don’t envisage any time on the concert day for any of the HSO orchestral items so this looks like our final rehearsal for these pieces. Any chance of percussion players coming this evening? If so I will try organise some instruments.

As always, would you all please inform your section leaders (1sts Emma, 2nds Viv, viola Henry, cello and bass Fran, woodwind Jen, brass Andy) or Jill if you are not available for a rehearsal so I can plan accordingly and so we have the necessary music.